by The Taoist Cowboys

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Recorded by Kevin Crothers. Mixed and mastered by Bryan Lay.
Bob McCluskey - Vocals, Guitar.
Scott Carpenter - Guitar.
Brad Deaton - Bass.
Jeff Bills - Drums.

Never said she was sorry
But I'm gonna love her anyway
Cause she's got big titties

Said she's tired of being lonely
But she'll never get a hold of me
Because she looks like a chimpanzee

Now chimpanzees don't have to sit around
And take all of this
At least they don't fall in love
With breasts
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh

You always look so pretty
But you're always so mean to me
I think you think it's funny

Why you always so nice to me?
You're everything a girl should be
Except you smell like sushi

Now sushi's pretty good for you
Even if it is only a yuppie healthfood

Don't you know i love you madly
But you never will come back to me
Because I don't have any money

Here's the money that you loaned me
But you'll never make me moanie
Cause your skin looks like baloney

Now baloney isn't very good for you
But you ain't got no business
Treating girls like food

O.K. but is it too much to ask
That she brush her teeth?


released February 19, 2016




The Taoist Cowboys Knoxville, Tennessee

The Taoist Cowboys were a garage band based in the heart of Fort Sanders in Knoxville, TN circa 1988-1992. Bob McCluskey was the principle songwriter and played guitar. Fellow guitarist Scott Carpenter also wrote songs as did bassist Brad Deaton. Jeff Bills played drums. ... more

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